5 Popular Home Styles & Garage Doors to Match

As any exterior designer worth their salt will tell you, the times when residential garage doors were selected purely for their functionality are long gone. Today, garage doors are a major contributing aesthetic element of a property’s curb appeal and can have a huge impact on its market value.

But how do you determine which garage door style is right for your house in San Diego, CA? Do craftsman, rustic, modern, and Mediterranean style garage doors differ in any other way except appearance?

We’ve previously listed some curious and interesting facts about garage doors, discussed the importance of ensuring your garage door is safe for your pets, and explained how the right details can enhance the appeal of your garage door. Now we’ll help you find your ideal door by listing 5 common home styles today and garage doors that are a perfect match for them. Read on.

Where in San Diego, CA, can I purchase gorgeous Mediterranean style garage doors

How do I choose a good garage door?

Since your garage door forms a huge part of your property’s exterior, it really pays to spend some time learning about the different door designs and the homes they go hand-in-hand with.

Here are 5 beloved house styles and garage doors that match them:

1. Craftsman

As their name suggests, craftsman homes strive to create the impression that their every detail was lovingly handmade and personalized. They’re characterized by natural colors, mixed materials, low-pitched roofs, and tapered columns.

A wood or faux wood garage door with straight vertical lines, rectangular windows, and handcrafted details is an excellent choice for this type of home. For extra curb appeal points, consider matching the window grilles on your house to your garage door.

2. Mediterranean

Mediterranean architecture became popular in the US around the end of the 19th century. It’s reminiscent of luxurious villas, and characterized by stuccoed walls, red tiled floors, arched or circular windows, and wrought iron or wood balconies.

To fit in with such a rich architecture, Mediterranean garage door manufacturers specialize in combining exotic species of woods, exquisite stain colors, and decorative iron-forged hardware. This creates an old-timey extravagance that simply can’t be replicated by other styles.

3. Modern

Modern style homes are known for their horizontal plank designs, clean lines, and smooth materials such as steel, wood, and aluminum. There’s no better way to compliment this architecture than with a glass-paneled garage door, preferably with black-frame frosted glass.

4. Rustic

This architectural style is all about earthy hues and all-natural materials such as wood and stone. Since the goal is to replicate a countryside look, you can’t go wrong by choosing a wood or faux wood garage door. Rich tones such as hemlock, cedar, or redwood are the perfect choice here, as is a carriage style garage door that resembles the farmhouse doors of old.

5. Colonial

These homes are easily identified by their straightforward, rectangular shape and symmetrical structure. To complement their historic charm, they should be equipped with a classic carriage style garage door that matches the color of the rest of the house.

How do I choose a good garage door

Where in San Diego, CA, can I purchase gorgeous Mediterranean style garage doors?

Whichever garage door style you opt for, making sure it’s installed and maintained by a reputable company is key to ensure your new door lasts for many years to come and complies with the relevant safety regulations.

At Radford Garage Doors & Gates of San Diego, we can do all this for you and more. Whether your property is located in Del Cerro or at the very center of the city, you can rely on our team of certified technicians to meet your needs with maximum care and professionalism. Get in touch with us today.

5 Fun & Interesting Facts About Garage Doors

Whether you’re happy with the garage door you already have, or you’re on the lookout for Mediterranean style garage doors for sale in San Diego, learning some of the less-known facts about these useful devices is more than just a way to entertain yourself. It can also help you make a more informed investment.

In previous articles, we provided some crucial garage door safety tips for pet owners, discussed the various eye-catching details you can add to your garage door, and advised you on how to find the perfect garage door style for your home. Today, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions and list 5 surprising garage door facts you probably didn’t know. Read on.

Can a garage door crush you

What are some amazing facts about garage doors?

Although it’s not as flashy as some other industries, the garage door industry still has its own interesting stories to tell and has had a significant effect on American culture.

Don’t believe us? Consider these 5 cool and strange garage door facts:

  • A new garage door offers an extremely high return on investment (80-90%). Depending on location, it may even increase the market value of your property!
  • Many major American companies (Google, Amazon, Disney, Harley Davidson, Maglite, Mattel, Apple, Harley Davidson, etc.) have had their beginnings inside garages.
  • Garage bands are called that because their first “studios” were inside their members’ garages. Some of the better known garage bands include Metallica, Nirvana, and, of course, The Beatles.
  • They’re slowly replacing the front door, with more and more Americans using their garage doors as the main entry point into their houses.
  • The average garage door in the US fully opens and closes 3-5 times a day, which amounts to about 1500 full cycles a year.

What did the first garage door look like?

The first residential garages – and the first garage doors – were invented around 1912. However, a person from the 21st century probably wouldn’t be able to tell these proto-garage doors from regular barn doors. That’s because they were basically the same thing.

The early doors were attached to the rest of the garage with strap hinges and opened outwards, just like shed doors. Since this caused the doors to suffer considerable wear and made them difficult to open when it was muddy or snowing, they were only used for a short while before superior alternatives were invented.

Can a garage door crush you?

Modern garage doors are equipped with multiple failsafes and safety features that are very effective when it comes to preventing bodily injury or damage to your property. That being said, the average steel door typically weighs around 200 pounds and contains springs that hold a huge amount of energy.

Improper handling and lack of maintenance can still theoretically cause a garage door to malfunction and even come crashing down on whoever or whatever is beneath it. These events are extremely rare, but they can still occur. The best way to prevent potentially fatal accidents is to make sure your garage door is professionally installed and receives regular annual tuneups by a qualified technician.

What did the first garage door look like

Where can I find Mediterranean style garage doors for sale in San Diego & the vicinity?

Whether you’re located in Paradise Hills or at the very heart of America’s Finest City, having the right garage door company in your corner is key to ensure your new garage doors are installed and maintained with utmost precision and diligence.

That’s where Radford Garage Doors & Gates of San Diego comes in. As a reputable garage door service provider that has been in the business for over 75 years, we’re the go-to choice for all your garage door-related needs. Reach out to us today!

Top 3 Ways to Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Garage Door

It’s virtually impossible to imagine a modern American home that doesn’t have at least one garage. Since garages are typically located at the front of a house, their doors tend to be a major contributor to the house’s aesthetics.

As a result, many home buyers and owners in San Diego are on the lookout for eye-catching garage doors and are willing to invest into gorgeous Mediterranean or Spanish style garage doors that will beautify their properties for many years to come.

But what if you already have a door that you don’t want to replace? How do you boost the curb appeal of an existing garage door? We’re glad you asked, because we’ve prepared 3 tips on how to give your door a great facelift. Read on!

Where in San Diego can I purchase luxurious Spanish style garage doors

How can I make my garage door more appealing?

Regardless of how you decide to spruce up your garage door, this home improvement project is an excellent opportunity to also have the door serviced by a skilled technician. This will not only prevent other malfunctions down the road, but also ensure your garage door is safe for your pets and loved ones.

You should also check if whatever alterations you want to make are in line with the local building laws and standards and approved by your HOA (if your community has one). For more information on how to do this, consult with your garage door company of choice.

Here are 3 time-tested ways to update the appearance of your garage door:

1. Renovate it

If your garage door looks a little worse for wear but is otherwise in good working condition, you can bring it back up to a high standard by giving it a new coat of paint or even adding some subtle relief designs.

Adding windows is a great way to give your door a more modern look while also letting natural light into your garage. If you like a more rustic appearance, you can add crossbeams to the garage door to give it that classic barn door look. As with other types of exterior decor, your options are only limited by your preferences.

2. Reframe it

One of the most noticeable parts of a garage door is its frame. This feature can be used to visually separate the door from the rest of your home, while also serving as a unique detail that adds elegance and balance regardless of whether the door is open or closed. You can even add an arbor with vines growing around it: this is an excellent way to give your garage door a lovely country look.

3. Install an arch

Most garage doors are rectangular in design, with traditionally straight frames and 90 degree angles. Although this is considered the norm, it doesn’t actually fit the subtle curvature that most houses feature in other parts of their architecture. Adding an arch is not only a great way to make your garage door fit the rest of your property, but also a bold curb appeal statement that will give your home a truly unique look. 

How can I make my garage door more appealing

Where in San Diego can I purchase luxurious Spanish style garage doors?

Radford Garage Doors & Gates of San Diego has been the leading provider of garage door repair, installation, and maintenance services in the area since 1945. Whether your property is located in Allied Gardens or at the very center of the city, you can count on our team of highly experienced and trained technicians to meet your needs in a timely and effective manner.

Give us a call today if you’d like to schedule a consultation or learn more about who we are and why we’re the best!

Garage Doors & Pets: Everything You Need to Know

Studies show that pet owners tend to live happier and healthier lives, and it’s no surprise. Our pets are a constant source of joy and companionship, to the point where we see them as members of our families. Naturally, this also makes us want to ensure their safety and comfort at all times.

One of the ways we can do this is by making sure our garage doors are safe for our pets. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to do just that. The following advice is universal, so it’ll serve you well regardless of whether you’re applying it to an existing garage door or you’re still looking for luxe Spanish style garage doors for sale in San Diego. Read on.

How do I make my garage door safer for pets

How do I make my garage door safer for pets?

Garage doors are incredibly useful and interesting machines that have long-since become an integral part of modern American households. However, just like the vehicles they protect, they are large mechanical devices that need to be installed and operated with care to ensure your, your family’s, and your pet’s safety.

Here’s how to make your garage door hazard-free for your furry friends:

Protect fragile components

Both cats and dogs are infamous for their chewing habits. If given an opportunity, they can end up chewing through the exposed parts of your garage door, such as wiring. Not only can this damage your door, it can also pose a severe danger to your pet. Always make sure these vulnerable components are out of reach of animals and children. If you’re not sure how to do this, don’t hesitate to call in the experts.

Never leave it partially open

Leaving your garage door slightly raised to make it easy for your pets to come in and out may seem like a convenient solution, but it’s actually extremely risky. A garage door that’s partially open is kept under constant stress, which can wear down individual components and result in an abrupt collapse that can cause serious damage to whoever and whatever is underneath it.

Know where your pet is at

Take a moment to check where your pet is located before opening or closing your garage door. This will keep your beloved fur ball from getting stuck under the door while it’s coming down, or getting its paws stuck in the opening mechanism during operation.

Can you put a pet door in a garage door?

Unless a garage door has been specifically designed to include a pet door, you should refrain from attempting to add a pet door to it. Not only can this kind of makeshift door be hazardous to dogs and cats, it can also pose a serious fire hazard for your home. To be safe, it’s best to install a pet door on a regular door.

If you still want to add a pet door to your garage door, it’s highly advised that you outsource this job to professional garage door contractors.

Can you put a pet door in a garage door

Who offers high-quality Spanish style garage doors for sale in San Diego and the nearby cities?

Looking to enhance your home with a state-of-the-art garage door or add cutting-edge features to your existing door? If so, you can’t go wrong by giving Radford Garage Doors & Gates of San Diego a call.

We’re a long-standing company that caters to residential and commercial clients throughout the city. The equipment we use and the products we offer are handpicked based on their outstanding performance and build quality. Call us today and enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the San Diego Zoo with your family while our experts meet your every garage door-related need!

Garage Door Maintenance 101: How to Prep Your Garage Door for Fall & Winter

Is garage door maintenance necessary

Cold and wet seasons like fall or winter tend to be especially problematic for mechanical devices that contain moving parts, and garage doors are no exception. Moisture, strong winds, low temps, and dirt buildup in San Diego can all cause serious damage and force you to go looking for sleek and modern garage doors for sale earlier than you should have.

Luckily, proactive maintenance can prevent most of these problems and keep your garage door operating correctly for many years to come. If your door hasn’t already been serviced this year by a qualified technician, fall or even early winter is the ideal time to get it done.

In previous articles, we discussed some exciting advancements in garage door technology and explored the historical events that brought us the garage doors we depend on today. Now we’ll give you some tips on how to ensure flawless operation for your garage door during the coldest seasons of the year. Keep reading to learn more.

Is garage door maintenance necessary?

Very much so. Just like your car and HVAC system, your garage door suffers from wear and tear during normal use. Regular tune-ups not only mitigate this, they also make sure that any issues are identified and addressed before they can damage other components and lead to costly repairs.

What’s more, professional maintenance will also find any air leaks, faulty insulation, or other problems that may impact the energy-efficiency of your garage door. In addition to reducing your heating bills, this will also make your garage and other areas of your home more comfortable during the colder seasons.

What is involved in a garage door service?

Regardless of the time of the year, you should occasionally give your garage door a visual examination. If you notice any damaged components, loose cables, or other obvious problems, get in touch with your garage door company and have them examine your door. Refrain from attempting DIY repairs as these can be hazardous.

Key garage door maintenance tasks in fall and winter include:


Dirt can become trapped inside garage door tracks and grind against cables. Furthermore, mulch, leaves, grass, and other organic debris can damage insulation foam and other weatherstripping materials.

The easiest way to protect these components is to regularly wash your garage door and driveway with a garden hose. Avoid using a pressure washer or abrasive cleaning chemicals on your door, as this can wear it down prematurely. Remember to also wipe down the weatherstripping around the door frame and any windows it may have.

Battery replacement

Cold weather can be damaging for battery-powered devices, so make sure to test your garage door remotes and replace their batteries as necessary.


Regular lubrication reduces how much wear the moving parts of your garage door suffer during regular operation. Proper lubrication procedure should be outlined in the manual you received with your garage door. If you can’t find the manual or aren’t sure you can do it correctly, call in an expert to do it for you.

What is involved in a garage door service

Where in San Diego can I find sleek and modern garage doors for sale?

Radford Garage Doors & Gates of San Diego has been providing home and business owners across the city and the nearby communities with professional garage door maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation services since 1945.

Whether your property is located in Downtown San Diego or at the outskirts of the city, you can depend on our experienced and certified team to arrive at the agreed-upon time and meet your every garage door-related need with utmost diligence. Contact us today.

How to Make Your Garage Door More Energy-Efficient

What makes a garage door energy efficient

Energy efficiency and environmental friendliness are all the rage these days, and it’s easy to see why. Not only are we becoming increasingly more aware of the negative effect our technologies can have on the planet, but also how much money we can save in the long run by using energy-efficient devices.

As a result, many sleek and modern garage doors in San Diego, CA, are designed and installed with efficiency in mind. But how exactly does this work? How are energy-efficient garage doors different from regular models, and is it possible to make an older door more efficient?

We have previously explored the history of garage doors and discussed some bleeding-edge garage door technologies that may soon become an everyday part of our homes. Now we’ll address a few commonly asked questions about garage door efficiency. Read on.

Does a garage door use a lot of electricity?

Not at all. Electric garage doors operate for only a couple minutes on any given day, so they use very little power while opening and closing. However, they can spend 3-5 times more electricity when they’re in stand-by mode.

This is because, like any device that can be operated remotely, a garage door opener is always turned on. Even when it’s not doing anything, it’s always “listening” for the radio signal that will tell it to raise or lower the door. This idle electrical draw is known as a “phantom load”.

Despite its scary name, this phantom load is nothing to be concerned about. A garage door consumes 500W per minute during use, which translates to 0.033kWh per day if you fully open and close it 4 times a day. In standby mode, a garage door spends about 0.12kWh per day. All of this translates to just 4.6kWH per month or about $1.4 added to your energy bill.

What makes a garage door energy efficient?

What truly separates an efficient garage door from a regular one is how it affects the rest of your property. Due to their large size, garage doors represent a significant portion of your exterior walls and therefore act as a major factor in the overall energy efficiency of your home.

Your garage door of choice should have:

Good insulation

Efficient garage doors have a low U-factor (.35 or less) and a high R-value (12 or more). This means they’re resistant to temperature fluctuations and won’t absorb heat from the rest of your home during the colder months.

Multiple layers

Multi-layered garage doors are naturally more insulative than single-layered ones. What’s more, single-layered doors can be made more insulative and therefore more efficient by adding an internal layer of polyurethane.

No air leaks

All parts of a garage door need to be properly fitted to its frame to keep cool air from escaping during summer, and cold air from getting in during winter. Professional installation and regular garage door maintenance is a must to prevent energy loss due to air leaks.

Does a garage door use a lot of electricity

Who installs sleek and modern garage doors in San Diego, CA & the nearby communities?

For over 70 years, Radford Garage Doors & Gates of San Diego has been supplying residential and commercial clients with professional garage door installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services. We won numerous accolades over the years and garnered a long list of satisfied customers.

We operate throughout San Diego and the surrounding communities, so you can trust us to meet your needs regardless of whether your home or premises are located in Pacific Beach or at the very center of the city. Call us today.