What Are the 6 Most Common Garage Door Malfunctions & How to Identify Them

What are the common garage door problems

Modern garage doors are extremely sturdy and reliable options that can easily last for decades, as long as they’re installed properly and receive regular maintenance. That being said, no machine is perfect, and even a premium-quality door will eventually malfunction as a result of regular wear, accidents, and other problems.

In the following article, we will list 6 of the most commonly encountered garage door malfunctions. By knowing how to identify them when they occur and act accordingly, you will be able to avoid expensive garage door repairs in San Diego, CA. Keep reading to learn more.

What are the common garage door problems?

Garage doors are complex devices that are made up of numerous moving parts. If any of these parts is installed improperly or starts to fail, the entire door will begin to behave in a sub-optimal manner and may even break down completely. Familiarizing yourself with these problems in advance will help you avoid more serious issues down the road.

Here are the top 6 most common garage door issues:

1. Opener failure

This is the most common problem with garage doors that occurs when the motor in the opener burns out or short circuits due to a power surge. When this happens, you are left with a nonfunctional and possibly even stuck door.

2. Broken springs

With time and use, springs lose their strength and begin to break down due to normal wear-and-tear. A broken spring can be extremely dangerous as it can cause the door to come crashing down on top of someone or something. 

3. Bent or corroded rollers

Damaged or worn rollers make it difficult for a garage door to function properly because they apply extra tension to the springs. If this happens, your garage door will begin to make a humming noise every time you open or close it.

4. Door is off-track

This is usually caused by broken springs or uneven weight distribution, which causes one part of your track to be slightly higher than the other. This creates a bubble effect that can cause serious problems down the road if not quickly addressed by an experienced technician.

5. Damaged or peeling paint

Although it may seem superficial, damaged or peeling paint will expose the material underneath to the elements. If water comes into contact with your garage door, this can easily cause its metal components to rust and corrode, which can lead to all sorts of costly and dangerous problems.

6. Corroded or broken cables

The steel cables that attach your garage door to the brackets above have been known to rust at a faster rate than they are supposed to. This happens when you don’t regularly lubricate them or if there’s a lot of moisture in your garage.

The first symptom of a damaged cable is usually loud clanging noises during operation, as well as excessive friction between moving parts. You may also spot frayed ends on your cables, which is a sign of corrosion.

Who should I call if I need reliable garage door repair in San Diego, CA

Who should I call if I need reliable garage door repair in San Diego, CA?

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