Do You Need to Schedule Annual Garage Door Maintenance?

Do You Need to Schedule Annual Garage Door Maintenance

Your garage door gets used multiple times on a daily basis. This means it’s inevitably going to experience some normal wear and tear. But did you know that failure to have a professional technician perform annual maintenance on your garage door can actually void your warranty if a mechanical component fails?

That’s why it’s extremely important for homeowners to schedule annual maintenance checks with a professional garage door company and make sure their garage doors comply with the relevant standards.

Luckily, you can avoid unexpected breakdowns and a voided warranty by scheduling annual garage door tune-ups with a reputable garage door company. Wondering what those maintenance tune-ups entail? In the following article, we have provided a detailed summary of what happens during an annual garage door maintenance service. Read on.

What kind of maintenance does a garage door need?

A comprehensive garage door tune-up includes:

  • Assess the state of the springs. Have the springs started to rust since the last inspection? Are they getting too relaxed? Your garage door maintenance technicians will determine if the springs need to be replaced or re-tensioned.
  • Check the tracks for any debris buildup. The technicians will remove any debris that is clogging the tracks of the garage door to ensure smooth operation.
  • Monitor the physical condition of the garage door. From checking the door for dents or scratches that can make it susceptible to rust, to testing the springs, cables, hinges, and other hardware, you can rest easy knowing no portion of the garage door is going unchecked.
  • Realign or adjust the tracks as needed. Trained technicians can determine if there are any misalignments in your garage door tracks. If anything is out of place, they will fix the tracks during your annual tune-up.
  • Lubricate the garage door’s moving parts. Your garage door is used on a daily basis. In order to operate efficiently, it needs to have sufficient lubricant and grease on the moving parts. The maintenance technicians will apply grease to all these components during the tune-up to hold you over until next time.
  • Replace any worn-out parts. The technicians will make sure all parts are operating as they should. If anything isn’t working correctly, they will make the necessary replacements to avoid a possible breakdown in the future.

Following the garage door inspection and maintenance, your technician will make any necessary recommendations for garage door repair to ensure your system is operating properly day in and day out.

How do you maintain a garage door?

Your garage door works hard between maintenance tune-ups. Ensure optimal performance and minimize the chance of a breakdown by performing small maintenance tasks between tune-ups:

  • Remove any debris buildup. Certain times of the year can cause more buildup in the garage door tracks. Make sure you are keeping an eye on the tracks and regularly cleaning them to avoid any clogs or blockages from dirt buildup that can impede the door’s operation.
  • Make note of unusual noises. Garage doors are pretty loud when they open and close — but there shouldn’t be any loud screeching, grinding, or rattling noises. Should you notice any sounds that are out of the ordinary, call a professional for assistance.
  • Lubricate the moving parts. We recommend greasing the moving components of the garage door about halfway between your annual tune-ups. This guarantees all parts will have the proper lubrication to function year-round.
  • Tighten any loose parts as needed. The parts on your garage doors shouldn’t be coming loose regularly (and if they are, that’s a different issue), but there is a chance they become loose every so often. When this happens, tighten them up to ensure nothing breaks or falls off during use.

Why is garage door maintenance important?

When you regularly service your garage door, you’ll experience the following benefits:

  • Avoid costly repairs. With regular maintenance, you’ll save money in the long run because your personal maintenance checks and professional tune-ups will uncover small issues before they turn into large, costly problems — problems that if left unrepaired, can lead to your carefully chosen garage door suffering expensive or even irreparable damages.
  • Maintains the system’s value. Whether you plan to move or not, regular maintenance of your garage door opener will keep up the value of your system — boosting the value of your home. You don’t want a faulty garage door to be the reason your house won’t sell in the future!
  • Increases your home’s security. Your garage door is an entrance to your home, and if it isn’t operating correctly or is faulty, your home’s safety could be compromised. Avoiding potential breakdowns guarantees your garage door will stand strong against any potential intruders.
  • Prevents potential damage to your car. Regular maintenance ensures everything is working properly, the tracks are aligned correctly, and all components have been lubricated and tightened — minimizing the risk of the garage door breaking and damaging your vehicle.
  • Peace of mind. Have you ever noticed how things only break when you’re already running late? Don’t stress about possibly not being able to get your car out of the garage in the morning. With regular maintenance, you’ll feel good knowing your garage door is always working as it should!

Where can I find a detailed garage door maintenance service in San Diego?

As the leading garage door contractor in San Diego, Radford Garage Doors & Gates is uniquely positioned to provide you with a comprehensive range of garage door maintenance, repair, and installation services. Whether you’re looking for a team of experienced professionals who can provide you with extensive garage door tune-ups, or you’re in need of someone who can help you find a garage door that fits the architectural style of your home, you can’t go wrong by giving us a call.

We can help ensure your garage door and opener are continuously performing at their best. Contact us today and let our team perform your annual maintenance and keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid.