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How to Choose a Modern Garage Door for Your Home

How to Choose a Modern Garage Door for Your Home

Have you spent countless efforts browsing Pinterest and Houzz looking for design inspiration for your home? When you’re in the market for a modern garage door replacement, the number of options can be overwhelming. From sleek wood to steel modern garage doors, you need to decide on the perfect style to complement your home. But how do you decide which garage door option is right for you?

Let’s explore the different types of contemporary garage doors you can install in your San Diego area home.

Types of Modern Garage Doors

They say we judge a book by its cover — so does that mean we judge a home by its garage doors? If so, that means you need a garage door that offers a wow factor to the front of your home. If you have a modern style house, you need to take the time to find the ideal modern garage door that enhances your facade and adds your own personal touch to the overall look.

Luckily, you’re not stuck with cookie-cutter garage door options. When narrowing down which type of modern garage door to install, consider the following choices.

Materials Used For Modern Garage Doors

Full View Contemporary Garage Doors – The modern style is all about the combination of sleek, neutral colors paired with clean lines. Full view contemporary garage doors offer minimalist glass outlined by aluminum lines that evoke both an elegant and modern persona.

Custom Wood Modern Garage Doors – Whether you’re a fan of red cedar, oak, mahogany, or any other type of wood, our garage door company can help you choose the perfect wood garage door as the focal point of your home.

Modern Steel Garage Doors – When you’re looking for a modern garage door as a more affordable price point, you’ll want to consider modern steel garage doors. Both affordable and elegant, you’ll have a showstopper on your hands.

Modern Fiberglass Garage Doors – Love the look of contemporary wood paneling but don’t want the headache of maintaining it? Fiberglass is a premium and luxury material choice that allows you to get your desired wood look without the upkeep.

Composite Contemporary Wood Garage Doors – As an environmentally-friendly option, composite contemporary wood garage doors are ideal for homeowners that are looking for a premium wood-alternative option that is extremely customizable.

Types Of Modern Garage Doors

Rolling Garage Doors – With a rolling garage door, also known as a roller garage door, the door rolls up using a spring system towards the ceiling of the garage.

Sectional Garage Doors – A sectional garage door consists of multiple panels that slide up towards the ceiling of your garage within a frame. This is one of the most popular types of modern garage doors amongst homeowners.

Canopy Garage Doors – Instead of being broken into multiple sections that slide overheard, a canopy garage door stays flat as it opens and rolls up into the garage.

Swing Garage Doors – If you’re looking for a more unique way to showcase your modern garage door, consider a swing garage door that opens and closes similarly to a standard door — swinging out as they open and close.

With so many materials and options available, it can be helpful to view your choice in person as our garage door showroom. Come in and see, touch, and feel our selection of modern garage doors for San Diego area homeowners.

Tips for Choosing a Modern Garage Door for Your Home

Schedule an Appointment with Our Garage Door Company

Whether you’re designing a custom home from scratch or opting for an upgrade to spruce up your home’s exterior, the endless decisions can seem stressful. Radford Garage Doors has the knowledge and know-how to help you determine the ideal modern garage door for your home. We can walk you through the selection process to better understand what you’re looking for and pair you with a modern garage door that will be both functional and enhance your home’s curb appeal.

If you’re looking for a garage door company with the best selection of modern garage doors in the area, contact Radford Garage Doors to schedule an appointment.

Garage Doors Are an Important Architectural Detail

You can’t just slap any garage doors onto your home and expect it to tie together the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. Think of the garage door as the cherry on top, the icing on the cake, or the bow tying together the look of your home. The type of garage door you should install depends on the architectural style of your home.

Choosing a contrasting style garage door can detract from the character of your home, instead of accentuating its charm and becoming a focal point of your home’s exterior. But with so many garage door options available, how are you supposed to determine which style is best for your home? Don’t worry—there’s no need to stress. Radford Garage Doors is here to help you find the perfect garage door to match your home’s design aesthetic.

Find your home’s architectural style below to determine the ideal style of garage door.


As a fan of the traditional-style home, it’s no doubt that you love how your home is timeless while pulling in classic elements from 18th- and 19th-century European decor. Because the style touches on a variety of architectural elements, multiple garage door designs complement your home. Steel carriage garage doors offer a blend of beauty, functionality, and practicality to complement your traditional home seamlessly. The best part is that these garage doors look like wood but are made of steel, making them incredibly durable and low-maintenance—a win-win for most homeowners!


Craftsman houses mix classic charm with distinctive elements like covered front porches and tapered columns that support the roof. The home’s exterior can be made of stone, brick, or steel, depending on your style preferences. No matter what elements your home features, your craftsman style home exudes character—don’t distract from its charm by choosing a garage door that takes away from that character. Choose a garage door that accentuates the design elements of your home. Consider a garage door style with clean vertical lines and handcrafted-look details that match your craftsman style—wood, steel, or faux wood garage doors are a great way to tie in the wooden accents of your home’s facade!


Your modern home is probably the sharpest looking house on the block. With its clean, horizontal lines complemented by large panels of glass, it’s easy to fall in love with the minimalistic detail. In recent years, modern designs have started to incorporate more elements like natural stone or wood paneling to keep a clean look while adding in dimension and textures. Maintaining the look and feel of your modern home is easy when you select a garage door that is sleek, timeless, and unique like glass-paneled modern garage doors or contemporary garage doors.

Cape Cod

Whether you live in a Half Cape, Three-Quarter Cape, or Full Cape home, it’s symmetrical appearance and simple exterior design are incredibly charming. When selecting the garage door to make your cape cod home come to life, you need to choose a style that complements its unique exterior features. The steel carriage house garage doors are the perfect option, tying in the charming appearance of your cape cod home, but offer the practicality of modern overhead garage doors.


You may have noticed how popular farmhouse style homes have become over the past few years. It seems that everywhere you turn, there’s a farmhouse home being built that is open and airy, utilizes natural light, has light color palettes with contrasting details, and exudes rustic charm. Complement your charming farmhouse-style home with a garage door that gives off the same rustic appearance. Consider wood-look garage doors that resemble barn doors, tying together the farmhouse style. If you love the look of barn doors but don’t want such a stark and contrasting color palette with wood tones, consider a light gray or white faux wood garage door instead!


Tudor homes have an extremely distinctive look that was inspired by Medieval and Renaissance architectural styles. The facade is a blend of brick or stone, stucco, and decorative timbering to create intricate designs. Whether you’re looking to match or contrast the decorative accents on your home, you can install a fiberglass wood or classic steel garage door in a dark tone. Accentuating your home’s style with dark garage doors will up the charm and style of your facade.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern homes encompass a forward-looking style with flat planes, open space, and large-paneled windows creating a sleek aesthetic. Accentuate the clean lines and flat planes of your home by incorporating dark-toned, sleek, modern steel garage doors. Choosing a sleek steel garage door with glass paneling will perfectly match the style of your home, creating a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.


There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a Spanish style home. The asymmetrical layout paired with tiled roofs, arched doorways, and stucco exterior creates a very inviting and truly unique appearance. With it’s clean and natural color palette, you need to choose a garage door that stands back and lets your home’s facade take center stage. Steel garage doors offer simple accent hinges and pulls to add character without taking away from your Spanish-style home’s appearance.


A Mediterranean style home offers funky traits like stucco exteriors, tiled roofs, and fun color palettes. The perfect match for a Mediterranean style home is a custom wood garage door. The subdued wood tones seamlessly pair with your home’s eclectic exterior. If you’re looking for a durable option and are scared of investing in wood garage doors, you also have the opportunity to install fiberglass wood garage doors for the same look with less maintenance!

Use this table as a quick cheat sheet when selecting the ideal garage door to match your home’s architectural style:

Garage Doors Are an Important Architectural Design

Radford Garage Doors Can Help You Match Your Home’s Style

Our team can help you find the ideal garage door to complement any design aesthetic. If you’re looking for a garage door company to install a garage door that matches your home’s architectural style, call Radford Garage Doors.

The Perfect Contemporary Garage Door for a Modern Home

Often a garage door can represent nearly 40% of a homes’ facade. Transform your home with a contemporary garage door that complements its architectural style. Choose from a variety of beautiful panels, windows, and paint options. Pick from numerous window configurations as well as a wide range of glass types for a unique and elegant look.

  • Custom wood garage door with white laminate glass designed by Radford Garage Door
  • Radford Contemporary Full View Garage Door
  • Contemporary Garage Door at Radford Garage Door
  • Contemporary Garage Door at Radford Garage Door

Full-view aluminum and glass garage doors are the perfect complement to modern design homes. Fuse indoor and outdoor spaces by enhancing the look of your home with a contemporary glass garage door. These types of doors are low-maintenance and are built for all weather conditions. Need help finding the right garage door? Find inspiration by viewing other styles in our gallery.

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